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House Manager & Butler Training

It is often the little things in life that are missed. Those little things can add up and become burdensome. Does your House Manager rely too much on trusting staff to do the job properly? Is your Butler or Houseman getting lazy?

Our team of Trainers are all former House Managers, Head Butlers and Head Housekeepers. After assessing your property and team's performance we work directly with your staff on areas in need of improvement. This is all done discreetly in your home at times convenient to you.

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Housekeeper Training

A skilled housekeeper is an invaluable asset. They can make your home and life as smooth as silk or a dusty nightmare. We work with various freelance Housekeepers accustomed to working in varying and sometimes challenging environments. If you are in need of temporary help or looking to improve your existing team through on the job training with one of our highly skilled Head Housekeepers then please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Chef & Kitchen Staff Training

Nuanced :Home work with a range of highly skilled Chefs coming from both restaurant and private household environments. Many of our Chefs are young highly motivated individuals trained in Michelin star restaurants. We will help your Chef develop a routine to utilize their valuable time. Our Chefs will make your Chef better! If you are looking to liven up your meals then this is the answer.

Are you looking for menu preparation or nutrition and diet conscious meals? Perhaps your current Chef uses too much butter and salt for your liking. We can help. Training and guidance by our Michelin trained Chefs are personable and good listeners.

Private house.

Professional & Confidential Staff Analysis

Following the one on one interviews and a period of observation we begin. Knowing jobs are not at risk allows trust to develop. Staff are then more apt to accept new ideas and systems. We understand change can be difficult, particularly in long serving staff members. Our consultants often face hesitation to change.

As the contract period comes to an end our consultant assesses the entire system. When weaknesses are discovered, solutions are proposed. If communication was the only issue, and has been solved, then we happily step away. In some circumstances our consultant may recommend bringing in one of our expert partners to produce house manuals or inventory lists.