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A Unique Advisory Outlook

Our team of Private Residence Consultants work in eminent households around the world. They are flexible and familiar with different cultures. Entering one's home is an intimate luxury and each home, like each individual is unique. With experience and knowledge individual nuances are quickly picked up on.

The aim of Nuanced :Home is always to enrich peoples lives, both clients and their staff. We work with client to meet their needs and concerns. We work with their domestic team to build bonds, enrich an environment of positivity and one that embraces team work. Call us today if you feel your property can go further and be better.

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Property Assessment

Owning properties around the world does not have to be a struggle to staff and manage. Our consultants and partner companies know how to manage estates with care. We can help streamline your experience so they all feel like home

House Manuals and Inventory Lists can be incredibly powerful tools for new and existing staff. Knowledge is often held in the hands of the few. This creates challenges and often holds new team members back. When properties lack procedure and structure, especially on large estates, communication, training and service invariably suffer. We collaborate with established companies in the US and UK specialising in tailor made manuals.

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Property Management

Nuanced :Home is not your traditional property management company. We understand what our limitations are, and don't over promise. We have very good relationships with some of the best people in property management; and thanks to our years of experience assisting UHNW families we understand the expectations. We have developed strong trustworthy partnerships and know when it's best to hand projects over to others.

We are always happy to offer advise and solutions without the need for a formal contract. Our time is valuable but we believe in helping others and the principals of working in good faith. Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help in an existing home, future project, or grand ambition.

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Placing & Establishing Staff

Our goal is to solve household staffing issues with new or existing members. This is achieved through our team of Private Residence Consultants who have spent years in private service. We personally filter through CV's and conduct first interviews.

We don't always present the obvious choices, knowing talent comes from many avenues. Our consultants are always to hand, be it for trials, bedding in periods or general training. Whether you need help finding a staff member or simply want to help your staff excel; you have found the right company. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions for a free phone consultation.