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Discretionary Services

Nuanced :Home will undergo incognito assessments on all aspects of the property. Through preliminary discussions with the client on expected staff behaviours we produce a mandate of action.

One of our Chefs, Butlers or Housekeepers are then brought in under the guise of short term help. Our consultant works alongside the team to discover how the property is run and maintained. Upon completion we produce a report including:

  • Staff Behaviour
  • Team Moral
  • Illegal Activity
  • System Improvements
  • Security Liabilities
  • Staff Levels Evaluation
  • Training or Mentoring Recommendations

Open road without stress.

Conflict Resolution

Disconnect between clients and staff is a very common issue due to a lack of communication. This situation also often leads to disharmony between staff members. Many principals find themselves on an endless loop of hiring and firing without solving the larger problem. Nuanced :Home look to solve this issue through conflict resolution and team building exercises.

As outsiders our Private Residence Consultants can break through the fear and emotional boundaries to discuss matters openly. Discovering the root of the conflict allows for healing to begin and a vast improvement in both the workplace and our clients home environment.

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Communication Skills

Communication is key in domestic service. Often clients needs go ignored by their staff. Despite hiring qualified professionals many struggle with staff consistency and service. Nuanced :Home believe communication is often at the heart of these issues.

Our consultants work closely with staff and clients to bridge the divide. With trust, change is possible, and often service levels drastically improve. Sadly, on occasion the problems run deeper. In our final report a complete impartial list of suggestions and recommendations are proposed.

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Team Building

Working together as a team is key. For a household to function properly and efficiently your staff must work as a single unit, all helping each other. Often tension builds between different working area's. Stress and fatigue can lead to a lack of communication. This silence builds distrust and an 'everyone for themselves' mentality. With the assistance of a trusted third party initiating open and honest dialogue these wounds can be mended.

Look no further than Nuanced :Home to establish prosperous relationships between your teams and staff. Additional training can also be added on to this service alongside an overall staff analysis report.